Mellissae Lucia

Creativity saved my soul every time.


Raised in a family of professional artists in the Pacific Northwest, Mellissae Lucia was exposed to the joys of exploring the unorthodox from an early age. As a toddler she can be seen in family photos scaling beached barges, examining graffiti on weathered barn doors, and scavenging with her mother in abandoned buildings. These early journeys into the magic hidden in the margins saved her soul at a crossroads later in her life.


In her early thirties her world was turned upside-down when her husband died of cancer. This sent her on a seven-year quest to find the life that was truly hers. During these years a passion for horses surfaced and she began the Earthen Body series in 2006 exploring the elemental relationship between our bodies and the earth. This series continued to unfold over the next year in lush Pacific coast forests, arid western deserts, and the enchanted south island of New Zealand. Learning to trust and be led by her creative impulses, her life continued to unfold in ways never imagined.


Relocating to red earth from the promptings of dreams, the Painted Body ritualistic photography series emerged in 2008 in the New Mexico desert. Alone and nude in subterranean graffiti tunnels she embodied the luminous mysteries concealed in the shadows through haunting and spellbinding imagery. These rainbows in the dark healed the splinters in her soul and awakened a level of artistic presence that guides her work to this day. New Mexico also honed her instinctive eye to capture the abstract beauty of the desert’s cycles of decay and regeneration.


Settling in the Coachella Valley a new series called Disintegrating Mirages is evolving from this place both humble and decadent, a land of extremes that reveals the fragile impermanence of our modern civilization.


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